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Sand Products

At Midland Sand we stock high quality sands for a range of uses. You can order sand online and get it delivered directly to your home. Our friendly staff is available to help you choose the best sand for your next project!

Why Us?

Why order from us?

Midland Sand is the leader in quality, professionalism and friendly customer service


Friendly Staff

If you need any help picking which material you need, our friendly team prides itself on helping you choose the right material for your project.


Order Online

No need to head to the store and pickup 40 bags of material. Order online anytime from our website and pick exactly which material and how much.


Fast Delivery

Orders are delivered within a few days (sometimes even faster) and you'll be updated before delivery.

calculator (1).png

Use our calculator to find out how much material you need!

*1 ton delivered is equivalent to ~ 45 bags from the store.

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